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What Is The Bucket Problem?

A creation of Ace Anbender, formerly of MGoBlog. In short, TBP is the intersection of big moods and detailed analysis. You can expect:

  • Essays and analysis covering Michigan football, men’s basketball, and women’s basketball. Other sports-related (or at least sports-adjacent) topics will be addressed as appropriate.

  • A podcast featuring co-hosts Alex Cook, Connor Southard, and Dan (aka Thicc Stauskas), plus guest appearances from what I hope will be a variety of local and national voices. You can subscribe on Apple, Spotify, Google, and Stitcher, or manually input the RSS feed.

  • Tomfoolery. Incidentally, follow @BucketProblem on Twitter!

  • GIFs.

  • Educational GIFs, even. Thank you for the demonstration, Naz Hillmon.

  • A site that’s as accessible as possible. That means everything from clear explanations of advanced stats used in the newsletter to a good faith (and ongoing) effort to eliminate certain language from our collective vocabulary in the podcasts. If you have comments, suggestions, criticism, and/or suggestions for affordable ways to make the newsletter and podcast more accessible to people with disabilities, please contact us at

  • Enjoyment and appreciation. Sports are supposed to be fun. They aren’t always fun; while that’ll be acknowledged, I believe there are ways to follow even the most moribund programs in a gratifying way without turning into a propaganda outlet. Covering the last decade-plus of Michigan football has trained me for this. Hopefully they don’t test this maxim too much.

That should cover the bulk of it. The project will evolve as I get a handle on what it takes, what people want, and the like. I hope to create a community here.

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