Michigan beat Indiana in a fashion that matched the team's lofty preseason expectations. Can the Wolverines and their five-star wing keep it up?
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Michigan dismantled a top-ten Maryland squad with seven three-pointers from Maddie Nolan. Here's how the Wolverines got their sharpshooter loose.
Mark Schlissel was never fit to be president of the University of Michigan, even before revelations of his affair with an employee.
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Rutgers tried not to let Naz Hillmon eat, so she fed everyone else, then feasted anyway. Also: Amy Dilk's return opens up the court.
Beating Georgia was beyond this Michigan program, so Michigan took a beating. But don't throw away your Orange Bowl gear.
Do we hear "puncher's chance"?
UGA's offense isn't as dominant as their defense. Can Mike Macdonald and the Wolverines bury the Bulldogs with pressure?
Objectively bad officiating put Michigan in the unenviable position of not having Naz Hillmon available for overtime against #5 Baylor. Thanks to Leigha…
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A nationally televised rematch awaits. Also: Laila Phelia's emergence, Leigha Brown as point forward, the return of Izabel Varejão, and much more.