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July 2022

The Michigan head coach lives in a bubble (full of unplanned children) and he doesn’t know why you don’t live there, too.
Michigan's GOAT is starting to make a big impact midway through her rookie year. Also: the Zavier Simpson hook shot revolution is only beginning.
Would someone please offer Brian Hartline a head coaching job? Please? We're willing to beg.
If your school's name starts with the letter "I" they're down here.
"Caring about this position" is an important factor.
Money isn't real. Unless you need to buy out Kirk Ferentz's contract.

June 2022

It's a battle royale between Michigan, Ohio State, and Wisconsin. Which backfield comes out on top?
Scouting Juwan Howard's newest commitment and looking at the (probably) completed 2022-23 roster position-by-position.
It's not a good sign for Iowa that we keep using photos from last year's Big Ten title game.
Also, a few transfer targets go off the board elsewhere and a 2022 overseas prospect emerges.
Which teams caught breaks? Which face a hard road? And, of course, did either Michigan squad get screwed?