You mentioned that blitzers may come from anywhere because of the way the 3-4 works. I admit to being uneducated on this D, but that's not what I understood the plan to be. Most teams rush 5 guys most of the time and in a 3-4 you know exactly who those are usually unless we are dropping beef into a short zone.

In fact, one of my concerns is teams being able to double up Hutchinson since they know where he will be coming from and none of the DTs pose a pass rush threat. Thoughts?

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Another question I had for you was about tempo. I know the narrative now is that Don Brown is an idiot who didn't realize we needed beef....but I think he had a strategy of building a defense that didn't need to sub based on matchups. DTs and we're agile, DEs that could do everything, Vipers, fast/small LB, interchangeable safeties, etc. He didn't have the talent to execute and was probably a little too stubborn.

One fear I have is trapping all this beef on the field in a fast tempo situation and/or watching Mazi try to hurry off before a snap. How legit of a concern is this?

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