Aug 18, 2021 • 1HR 22M

Episode Nine: 2021 Football Preview, The Defense

Don't run! We give the optimistic and pessimistic case for each position group, then do the same for the entire defense. Also: how to interpret practice reports.

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Our three-part football preview deep dive begins with a position-by-position look at the defense. Before your host, Connor, and Dan get to that, however, the group brings their perspective on how to decipher reports coming out of fall camp. What can you trust? (Almost nothing.) Who can you trust? (No one who’s willing to talk.)

The conceit that we definitely didn’t come up with minutes before recording: Connor makes the bullish case for each position group, Dan makes the bearish case, and your host decides which is most likely to occur. Then we do the same for the defense as a whole. There’s some optimism! Guarded optimism, sure, but that’s still optimism!

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