Aug 5, 2021 • 1HR 13M

Episode Six: The Mazi Party

NBA Draft and free agency talk plus Fall Camp Bingo. Please direct all complaints about the episode title to @ThiccStauskas.

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NOTE: We recorded this episode before Moe Wagner signed a two-year deal with Orlando. We’ve put away the pitchforks.

The gang’s all here to talk NBA Draft, free agency, and football fall camp. The draft talk takes an early detour into discussion Michigan’s basketball history; your host feels old, though we get to decide which current Big Ten coach is most likely to pull a Bill Frieder. We eventually get into how Franz Wagner and Isaiah Livers each have an opportunity to make an early impact with Orlando and Detroit, respectively, and why Duncan Robinson and Tim Hardaway Jr. each re-signed on sizable free agent deals. Alex calls Luka Garza a “Wario Boban” except smaller, obviously.

After a brief recruiting discussion—turns out it’s hard to land top talent when your coach’s contract has such an obvious out for the program—we move on to Fall Camp Bingo, inspired by Dan’s belief in the early camp hype surrounding Mazi Smith. Dan’s name for the fan club may lose us our only sponsor. We also do our vibes of the week, featuring football dreams that won’t even let a Michigan fan get past halftime with a lead in The Game.

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