In reality, all this focus on individual players is meaningless when the real problem is with the coaching, play calling, player substitution insanity, and overall lack of anything marginally resembling a coherent scheme on offense. We could have Saquan Barkley back there and the coaches from the last few years still wouldn't have utilized him properly within the offense. Actually, he probably would've transferred after a couple years.

Now, things are TECHNICALLY different this year because almost all the coaching staff is new...except for Harbaugh and Gattis. So we COULD see some different, and hopefully competent results from the offense and the running backs MIGHT actually look like they know what they're doing. BUT, that's IF the offense can get their heads out from where the sun don't shine. I'll believe it when I see it.

Just compare the recruiting profiles of Ibrahim and Haskins on 247. They're both basically a wash with neither impressing very many scouts or programs. Yet one is having success and the other isn't. Do you really think Ibrahim would be getting all the love he currently is if he had come to Michigan and Haskins had gone to MN? LOL no way! Instead we'd be talking about how Haskins is getting pre-season All Big Ten love while Ibrahim is getting "overlooked". It's not the players, but the mentality/lunacy behind the offense. And until that gets fixed, it really doesn't matter who the RB is.

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Jul 24, 2021Liked by Ace Anbender

Well done. This take is spot on. Haskins is always overlooked, but every time he gets the ball he is both a bucket and a problem. I hope they ride him this year. If the o-line takes a step forward and he gets enough carries, he could have a special year.

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It honestly drives me nuts - and I hope it does the same to him - that he's basically not even mentioned except in passing. Thanks for giving him some love here, Ace ... That 6.1 YPC within the offensive year from hell is the perfect encapsulation of what he does, which is just get it done.

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