Aug 7, 2021 • 43M

SPECIAL WEEKEND POD: Steven Godfrey Hates* Your Team

“Michigan’s problems are fixable by Michigan.” — Steven Godfrey. Yes, that Steven Godfrey.

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“I don’t actually care one way or the other about Michigan football.”

In a special bonus episode, we welcome on Steven Godfrey of Split Zone Duo (I’m a Patreon subscriber and I recommend it) and Secret Base. Yes, that Steven Godfrey. Yes, on a Michigan podcast.

We begin with the origins of Godfrey “hating” our team, which delves into message board culture and the “diverse ecosystem of fans,” as he puts it. Laquon Treadwell’s recruitment is mentioned (by your host, sorry). The discussion moves into recruiting philosophy and why recruits choose certain programs over others (money is far from the only draw) before we get into the ramifications of realignment, including how it may impact the Big Ten and Michigan.

Godfrey talks about why he’s pulling for Iowa State to win the national title (same, brother), why the rules from the last round of realignment don’t apply, the history that provides context for these moves, why it’s fine for the Big Ten to take its time responding to the SEC’s expansion, and why Michigan shouldn’t be too concerned with this particular problem.

Then we get into Michigan football’s problems and how the program/athletic department can address them, what other Big Ten coaches say about the program, the difference between M and OSU, the blueprint Willie Taggert laid down for a Josh Gattis offense, who might be the next man up if Jim Harbaugh doesn’t pan out (Soup Gang, assemble!). You may be surprised by our guest’s outlook.


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